Rules of School

1. The students must behave with politeness and show respect towards each and every teacher and staff of the school. They are expected to wish the teacher and staff wherever they meet them. They must behave nicely with their companions too.

2. Students must maintain discipline of the school strictly. They must maintain silence in and around school campus and speak in a low voice. They should never be found violating school rules.

3. For long absence from school, prior permission must be taken from the principal. For every absence, the student should briefly note down the reason in their diary bookduly signed by their parents. Before rejoining the school, he/she must first meet Principal and submit the application. However, grant of leave is absolutely at the principal’s discretion. Leave shall not be granted unless the reason is found genuine.

4. No student is allowed to go away from school during school hours without a prior written application from the parent/guardian starting the genuine reason.

5. Students must come neat and tidy in their proper school uniform(Description of uniform given in details later)

6. Mobile phones, I-pods, cameras and any others gadgets not required as per school curriculum(including magazines & excess money etc.) are not permitted in the school.Any student found in possession of the above will be liable for strict disciplinary action. The item will be confiscated & destroyed by the school. They will not be return.

7. Every student must treat school property with care. Any damage caused to school property has to be replaced by them.

8. Students are to be maintain classroom discipline. They should listen to the monitor when teacher is not present in the class.

9. Captains, Vice- Captains, Perfects and monitors are to perform their duties and responsibilities with utmost sincerity. Any disturbing situation that they find out must be brought to the immediate notice of the teachers or the principal. All student must be co-operate with and obey them.

10. Every student must carry out his/her duty and obey the orders given to them by the House Master or Mistress or teachers or directives served by Captain/Vice-Captain of their respective House.

11. Each and every student must be present at every programme school function. Without prior application for leave (from parent/authorized guardian) no one will remain absent from in any of the school event.

12. Fine may be imposed on a student in the following cases:-
a) Late attendance.
b) Absence class without proper application from the parents or guardian.
c) Truancy.
d) Wilful damage to school property.
e) Delay in payment of school fees and dues.

13. LIBRARY RULEs: Silence to be maintained inside and outside the Library at all time. Any article not related to the library must not be carried inside. Books borrowed, if lost or damaged must be replaced by the borrower. Fine will be charged for damage to books.

14. Parents/Authorised Guardians are not allowed to see their children during school hours except in cases of an emergency for which permission must be procured from the principal/Vice Principal.

15. Guardians/Parents are not allowed to enter the classroom or roam inside school premises.

16. Parents/authorised guardians are required to record their names in the visitor’s register and get the permission from the Principal/Vice Principal to meet any teacher , during the visiting time.

17. Principal/Vice Principal or the teacher may be interviewed only during visiting time. In case of urgency, to meet teachers,the Principal/Vice Principal, prior appointment should be taken.

18. Life skills are being reflected in the continuous and comprehensive Evaluation card. Any form of deviant or aggressive behaviour must be recorded in behavioural terms.