Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.

Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one’s life in a right path. Army Public School, Sukna has carved a niche for itself in the Army School fraternity. The school has established a special place for itself by its exceptional and commendable achievements.

Mrs. Dola Sarkar Sinha


Welcome To APS, Sukna

The erstwhile “Shishu Shiksha Kendra” was established as a pre-primary school on 07th September 1976. Gradually as it gained popularity, the need for expansion was felt and higher classes were added. During July 1991. Classes were added upto class VI and the school was renamed “Army School Khaprail”.

The school was registered with AWES w.e.f. 01 April 1993 and Army School, Khaprail.

The school has now been upgraded to Senior Secondary level w.e.f. 01 April 2003 and continues to grow from strength to strength achieving one milestone after the other.

On 1st April 2007 the school was renamed as Army School, Sukna.

Mission And Vision

  • Aims at quality education in pursuit of excellence in all fields and life itself.

  • Propagates patriotic, social and ethical values for responsible citizenship.

  • Ensures physical, mental and moral growth of the students and creates in them a zest for learning.

  • Enlarges the mental horizons and broadens the outlook of the students through training in co-operation, consideration, team spirit and service.

  • Judiciously arouses their aesthetic sense and inculcates habits of personal as well as social hygiene for a happy and healthy life.

  • Assists them in enjoying their leisure through healthy recreational activities and hobbies as well as correct reading habits for a lifetime of pleasure and joy.

  • Active participation in social and cultural activities to develop various skills in creative Art, craft, Music, Mental, Physical and emotional development of each child, so that he/she may be fully involved and dedicated in selfless service leading to worthy citizenship.

  • Youthful energy to be properly channelised towards creativity.

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