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Aims And Objectives

  • Aims at quality education in pursuit of excellence in all fields and life itself.
  • Propagates patriotic, social and ethical values for responsible citizenship.
  • Ensures physical, mental and moral growth of the students and creates in them a zest for learning.
  • Enlarges the mental horizons and broadens the outlook of the students through training in co-operation, consideration, team spirit and service.
  • Judiciously arouses their aesthetic sense and inculcates habits of personal as well as social hygiene for a happy and healthy life.
  • Assists them in enjoying their leisure through healthy recreational activities and hobbies as well as correct reading habits for a lifetime of pleasure and joy.


News & Events

National Genius Search Examination 2018

by 'Principal APS Sukna' on 23-06-2017

Click here for downloading interview details(CSB)

by 'Principal APS Sukna' on 27-01-2017

Click here for downloading vacancy of teachers(CSB)

by 'Principal Aps Sukna' on 11-01-2017

Click here for downloading Application Form(CSB)

by 'Principal Aps Sukna' on 11-01-2017

Click here for downloading Advertisement(CSB)

by 'Principal Aps Sukna' on 18-01-2017

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