Philosophy of Non-Academics

Some non academic philosophical skilled based worker’s performable designations are mentioning as under:-

1 Computer analyst, Computer consultants, programmers etc.

2 Librarian & its related workers.

3 Technical writers.

4 Admission officials of education.

5 Man power planning services co-coordinators.

6 Councilors of education system.

7 Educational testing administrator, Tabulator for evaluation etc.

8 Alumni relation officer.

9 Finance, Tax & Law related officials.

10 Arm force & Defense related officials.

11 Media officials.

12 Medicine & Engineering related officials.

13 Educational administrators.

14 Extracurricular activity programmer & executors.

15 Sports related officials etc.

In this way mostly the above officials as well as in various field the non academic philosophers are performing with their best way of life & also introduce new ideas of education for living world.

Mr. Agniv Ganguly