Code of Conduct

1. Be respectful to your parents, teachers, staff of the school and elderly citizen.

2. Be punctual.

3. Be neat and clean.

4. Be humble in your success or victory.

5. Be truthful.

6. Take pride in yourself, your school, your parents and your Nation.

7. Be courteous. Remember “Thank You” and “Please” are two very good words.

8. Be thankful to God for everything that he has given to you.

9. Belive in yourself and have courage Remember, God is with you always and everywhere.

1. Do not cause hurt by your words or deeds.

2. Do not be afraid to speak the truth or to accept a mistake.

3. Do not damage or disfigure property of your school or at home.

4. Do not use absube language.

5. Do not look down upon those who are less privileged, weak or physically challenged.

6. Do not ill-treat animals or birds.

7. Do not mock at or ridicule someone’s failure.

8. Do not be arrogant.

9. Do not copy or cheat.

10. Do not steal.