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Philosophy of Non-Academics

Basically ; the non-academic philosophy is a part of philosophy, which is not directly interacting with the pupils in their education. But their performances are developing in the education system with their innovative ideas in writing of books for literates to express something; which may not impact of some current issues to express a truism of our time. But it is practically a philosophy of the outside of teaching area.

Some non academic philosophical skilled based worker’s performable designations are mentioning as under:-

1 Computer analyst, Computer consultants, programmers etc.

2 Librarian & its related workers.

3 Technical writers.

4 Admission officials of education.

5 Man power planning services co-coordinators.

6 Councilors of education system.

7 Educational testing administrator, Tabulator for evaluation etc.

8 Alumni relation officer.

9 Finance, Tax & Law related officials.

10 Arm force & Defense related officials.

11 Media officials.

12 Medicine & Engineering related officials.

13 Educational administrators.

14 Extracurricular activity programmer & executors.

15 Sports related officials etc.

In this way mostly the above officials as well as in various field the non academic philosophers are performing with their best way of life & also introduce new ideas of education for living world.

Mr. Agniv Ganguly