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Philosophy of Academics

Children should be unique & have stimulating educational environment to grow physically, mentally, emotionally & socially too. And to create this type of atmosphere where the children can meet their full potential.

Teaching beliefs practices in an individual narrative which beliefs about the teaching & learning process in the class room or direct interaction in online class with each student.

Actually well crafted teaching gives a clear and unique portrait of a teacher. And so philosophy of academics in online teaching can be classified as under:-

1. Teacher’s role is to act as a guide the pupils to build their life in safe bridge.

2. Student’s should have opportunity to practice skill in safe environment & should be able to have choice of the activities & have adequate curiosity during the online or off line education.

3. Technology in online as well as off line teaching should be upgraded simultaneously.

4. Students should be prepare themselves as unique and something special in their day to day education & similarly the teacher should guide and stimulate them to improve thus extra- ordinary performance can develop.

5. Teachers should be morally obliged during entering in the online class with highest level of expectation for each and every pupils & to act as a planter to grow & developing of each pupils with their own potential & learning process.

6. In this pandemic tragedy over the whole world, only the online teaching process is left for education of the students at all level. And the philosophy of the education specially in this juncture is the Education with staying safe & maintaining adequate guideline of the Government.

Mr. Agniv Ganguly

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